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We connects people to horses and horses to people.
For the horse: 

Help horses understand people by using the same communication technique horses use, body language. Build a bridge of understanding between horse and human i
n a stress free, logical and practical manner.  Assist the horse on 5 levels, audial, visual, mental, emotional & physical to be more receptive and submissive to pressure. This enables horses to settle, mature and apply themselves to the best of their ability. Help horses to trust, love and respect people. 
Assist fearful, skittish, nervous, sensitive, aggressive, stubborn, evassive,  immature, excitable, difficult, resentful, abused, headshy , including those that buck, bite, rear, kick or bolt, hard outhed, unbacked, wild-green-sport horses, problem loaders into floats and starting pens or diffcult to catch, lead, tack up, ride, jump, mount, dismount or be competed on.  All of these horses may be helped towards understanding the bigger picture of "pressure" and interacting with people. 

For people: 

Help people overcome their fear of horses.
Experience communicating with horses despite having no horse experience. Learn a communication style any horse can understand. Understand what your horse is saying by being more aware of your horses body language. Learn how to build, rekindle and obtain a high performance relationship with your horse. Identify and problem solve your own troubles away.  This experience has been known to boost self moral, confidence and attitude. It improves many skills like concentration, awareness, leadership, communication, listening, co-ordination, patience, self control and fitness from kids to adults. 

For those of you working in the corporate world, we also specialize in team building. Develop a working environment oozing TRUST LOVE & RESPECT.


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